Tarazu Strategy

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Click here to download 2 Ways Tarazu Spreadsheet (for ODI & T20 Cricket matches, Tennis etc).

Click here to download 3 Ways Tarazu Spreadsheet (for Test Cricket match, Football etc).

Tarazu Strategy

Tarazu Strategy

Tarazu is a Hindi word which means Balance. I coined this term for a strategy which is known with various other names. It’s neither a new strategy nor a rehash of old strategy. It’s the same existing strategy which I’ve just given a new name to suit to Indian punters specially to those who are not well versed in English.

What is a Tarazu Strategy?

You might have seen me on betting adda tipping you on Tarazu strategy for quite sometime. I haven’t fully revealed the strategy but I’m sure you clever guys might have figure it out from my various comments.

You will be disappointed to know that I’ll never leak Tarazu strategy in public. The reason is simple. If a successful strategy comes to limelight all punters will start following it which will wake up bookies who will “adjust” their odds movements to nullify this strategy.

This has happen to many other successfully online betting/trading strategy. Strategy which once worked and punter used to make money in the past have become almost ineffective today.

This strategy is available only to exclusive members for FREE.

Live Proofs of Successful Tarazu Strategy

Live examples of Tarazu in Cricket

Below is the live proof of Tarazu strategy which I applied for the 2nd Test match between England and Sri Lanka. As you can see from the strategy, I backed England heavily when the were in strong position. When Sri Lanka start to dominate I did 2 ways Tarazu between SL and Draw. I had a lot of money already placed on England so I took off some of that money and put on SL & Draw. In this match I earned £106.83 without worrying about the match result. If it was Draw I would have won £106.83. And if by any chance England was winner I would have hit the jackpot with £1175.77.

England vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test Tarazu

Live example of successful Tarazu strategy for 2nd Test match between England and Sri Lanka

Here is another example of 2 ways Tarazu between Glamorgan & Hampshire T20 match. I had about £325 profit on both teams, it didn’t matter who won the match I made £325 on this match.

Glamorgan v Hampshire Tarazu

Live example of a successful Tarazu strategy in Glamorgan v Hampshire T20 Cricket match

Complex example of Tarazu Strategy

Below is an example of very complex but perfectly balanced Tarazu strategy for a Text Cricket Match between England v India in 2014. I don’t remember which match was this but as you can see from the snapshot I made about £180 in profit without worrying about the result. I had total £1621 on stake as you can see on the top right corner.

Tarazu England v India Cricket Test Match 2014

A complex, well balanced and successful Tarazu strategy between England v India Test Cricket match in 2014

Live successful example of Tarazu in Tennis match

Below is the 3rd successful example of a Tennis match between Li Na & Strycova. I’m not sure who won but I made easy £54 profit. In the first column you will see the bookies where I placed my bet. PP is for Paddy Power, SJ is for Stan James.

Tarazu Tennis Li Na v Strycova

Li Na v Strycova – Another example of successful Tarazu strategy in a Tennis match

Live example of successful Tarazu in Volleyball

Yup, I apply Tarazu on virtually any two team/player sports where I see an opportunity. Below is a live successful example of Tarazu strategy between a Volleyball match between China & Argentina. I’m not sure who won the match but I made a small profit.

France v Argentina Volleyball

Example of successful Tarazu betting in a Volleyball match between France v Argentina

Football (Soccer)

Tarazu doesn’t work very well with Football but I’m so confident with my strategy that I even applied it successfully during FIFA world cup matches and made profit all of them. Below is an example of 2014 FIFA world cup match between Belgium and USA. Belgium won the match hy 2-1 and I made £33 profit. As you can see from the snapshot below the Tarazu was not perfectly balanced. A perfectly balanced Tarazu strategy will have equal profit on all outcomes. As I said Football is not suitable for Tarazu and that’s reason I couldn’t balance it.

Tarazu Football Belgium v USA

Successful application of Tarazu strategy in a match between Belgium and USA FIFA world Cup 2014

How Effective Tarazu strategy is?

This strategy is a very effective online sports betting and trading strategy with very low risk. It’s so effective strategy that you can even use it on fixed odds sites if you don’t have account on BETFAIR. I mostly use this strategy for Test Cricket and sometimes for ODI or T20. It’s not as effective for T20 though as odds don’t move a lot and in most cases T20 becomes predictable.

It’s good for ODI and works very well between two good teams.

It will not work for a match between top team and bottom team e.g. India and Zimbabwe in any form of Cricket.

Which sports Tarazu is more suitable for?

It’s mainly suitable for 2 ways results but it can be successfully used in three way results as well e.g. Cricket Test matches. It’s not effective for Football 3 way results. But you can apply it between a team and draw in football.

It can work in Tennis too if players are equally matched. It works well in Women’s tennis as we all know ladies are so unpredictable.

It can also be applied for any other betting market with two outcomes. E.g. total goals in Football.

Do I need to be selective about teams/players?

As I said above this strategy doesn’t work for a strong favourite and weak underdogs. I works only with top teams. As a rule of thumb you can apply this strategy for a Cricket Test or ODI between any two teams from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, South Africa and West Indies. If India is involved and they are on fast pitches then include New Zealand as well.

This strategy can also work on two teams from bottom tiers such as Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland etc. The first Test match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe was a perfect opportunity for this strategy.

Avoid grand slam tennis matches involving top seeded players during round robin. You can take chances in QFs onwards as by that time only, and always, the top seeders remain in the competition.

What’s risk?

As usual if match becomes one sided since beginning then this strategy will fail.

What’s Exit strategy?

There is exit strategy for each sport. I can provide exit strategy to exclusive members on request.


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