Doguna (double) Strategy for online sports betting

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Doguna (Double) Sports Betting Strategy

Doguna (Double) Sports Betting Strategy

Doguna means double in Hindi. This is a very effective online sports betting strategy which can be used to make handsome profit on any sports including Horse Racing. This strategy can even be applied to individual markets and it’s not limited to Match results.

This strategy is so effective that even it can be applied to win money in casinos provided you have enough bank balance to keep going till you hit the profit.

This strategy doesn’t involve trading or wasting your time with in-play betting. All you need to do is to pick the right market, place bet and check the result. Keep a track of your best in a spreadsheet.

The beauty if this strategy is that you can start with a minimum stake of just £1 and keep going. And guess what, the more you loose the more profit you will earn when you strike the winning bet if you choose right market.

Online Bookmaker Site Selection

You really don’t need to worry about which online bookmaker site you have to bet with. You can choose any one or try a combination of more than one. The only thing to remember is to find the best odds.

I recommend using any of following online bookmakers

  • Paddy Power – these guys often offer bonuses which is not offered by any other bookies. It’s my favourite fixed odds bookmaker site as well. And don’t forget that they offer £50 bonus to new customers which comes handy to get you started.
  • William Hill
  • And my all time favourite Betfair which is guaranteed to have the best odds all the time for any market/event


There is no risk as such in this strategy. The main constraint will be your bank balance. For the sake of theory if we assume we have unlimited bank balance then at some point of time you are going to have profit.

Basic Criteria

This strategy relies on a series of matches in a tournament or if you are betting on Horse Racing then a sequence of horse racing.

If the series is short and one sided then this strategy might not be as effective. E.g. a 3 match Cricket ODI series is not as effective as IPL or any other domestic T20 tournaments.

You can even take more than one consecutive series if you didn’t make profit in one series.

Sports/Match/Market selection

Horse racing is the best for this strategy. I’ll write another post on Doguna with Horse Racing later.

You can even select a market instead of matches. E.g. Under 1.5 goals market in Football.

Women’s Tennis tours (WTA) is another suitable sport where you back the underdogs whose odds will be more than 2.0 most of the times.

Starting Stake

When you are applying this strategy it is recommended to start with £2 which is minimum stake on BetFair. Don’t start with a lot of initial stake when you are new to this strategy as the losses will keep doubling up next stake and you will end up in danger of wiping out all your limited bank balance and not making profit.


Step 1: Find a series of matches/events where odds are more than evens (greater than decimal 2.0).

Step 2: Write down the events in spreadsheet along with odds, stake, profit/loss.

Step 3: Start with first match/event and place the minimum amount (e.g. £2) on the team/event with odds more than 2.0.

Step 4: If you win then start it over again. with next one.

Step 5: If you lose then double the stake and back next match/event with odds > 2.0.

Keep it repeating until you win. When you win you will recover all your previous losses and some profit.

Exit Strategy

If you are on a run, let’s say 5 losses, and win in the 6th one then I advise take the profit and exit from that series. Too much greed is not good.

Jackpot Sports/Event

Most of the horse racing have odds of more than 2.0, it’s often more than 4.0. In Tennis underdogs also have odds of more than 4.0 which also gives nice profit when you win. These events are jackpot events where you are guaranteed to win with handsome profit.



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