Online Betting Guides

This page contains the list of all online betting guides which I’ve published on my blog and at Betting Adda.

A Complete Step by Step Guide for Opening Accounts on Online Bookie Sites for Desi Punters

This is the starting point for any new punter who wants to open account online. If you are from Indian subcontinent then I recommend reading this guide first before opening online accounts.

An Introduction to Betfair

Initiation to Betfair. Must read if you have no clue what betting exchanges are.

Betfair Lay Betting

The most devastating betting strategy which I follow myself to make money on betfair.

Tarazu Strategy

The term which I invented. It’s a simple trading strategy to balance profit on all outcomes.

Jhula (Swing) Betting Strategy

Swing betting strategy. It’s best for matches where we expect a lot of swing.

How to apply for NETELLER Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

This is not applicable to punters from Indian subcontinent.