“Don’t gamble rather think of sports betting as business venture”

A very brief intro

I’m a semi-pro punter, gambler and online sports betting/trading strategy developer. I’ve been involved in online sports betting and gambling for over a decade now. I’ve been into various aspects of online gambling, from working for few biggest bookies in the UK to helping them promote their businesses online.

Now a days I mostly trade on Betfair Exchange and develop sports betting/Trading strategies in addition to offering my free sports prediction and betting tips.

Why I setup this blog?

I used to occasionally drop by on bettingadda.com to give my analysis, insights and prediction on Cricket, Football and Tennis. I quickly discovered that there are thousands of newbie punters (gamblers) out there who kept losing all their savings. Few of them even end up losing their possessions as per their own confessions on Betting Adda.

Feeling pity I decided to setup this blog to guide these punters to make profit and stop losing their money on sports betting.

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