Munna Bhai’s WhatsApp Number

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I’m finally on WhatsApp. I wouldn’t announce my WhatsApp publicly. If you want my number for genuine help then ask me for number.

You can write your WhatsApp number below in comment and I’ll add it.

I don’t use WhatsApp for voice call so you will never be able to speak to me. I can only chat when I’m available.

Betting Adda Premium Members

If you are BettingAdda’s premium member then let me know in the comment below and I’ll add you in Premium Group. In this group I send live trading tips.


Please note that I don’t give predictions or tips on WhatsApp. All my predictions and tips are available on Betting Adda. You can take premium membership which is Rs. 16 thousand a month (USD 250) and see my predictions and tips for all matches. You can read all about premium membership from this link.

I’m not available on WhatsApp Voice Call

For most of the time I’m only available on chat. I’m not available for voice call as I don’t have time and also I’ve other business. I’m here only to help those who need help. So think of my WhatsApp as helpline for those gamblers who have lost money and use it accordingly.

Update: 25 April 2017

I’ve added all those who have given me their contact numbers below in comments. If I’ve missed someone then you can write your number in comment and I’ll add.
Munna Bhai#s Whatsapp Number


103 Responses to “ Munna Bhai’s WhatsApp Number ”
  1. Sunilgouda

    Bro I am big fan of u I don’t have money to put n see ur predication from last 4 years I am seeing ur predication plz give ur whatsapp no….

    • Munna Bhai

      Write your number here I’ll add you.

      • harsh

        i want your whatsApp no

        • Siddhu gaming


      • Charan

        My name is charan
        I am from eluru
        I love munna bhai gaming

      • Pranzid Singh Rajput

        Sir plzz plzz add me . WhatsApp No –

      • Akshay

        add me in your group anna plz anna plz send me daimonds anna plz

        • Rajababu

          Add chesaara anna mimmalni

      • NANDALURU Santhosh Reddy

        Hi Anna reply to me

      • Pavan Kumar

        Please reply Anna

        • Rajababu

          Bro meeku aindaa


      Send your number and confirm my request

    • Chgopi

      Munna Bhai fan

  2. sohel

    bhai …apka whatasapp number…..
    and add me….i need your help….please…
    .. thanks…

    • Munna Bhai

      Write your number here I’ll add you.

      • Mohit

        Bhaiya apka number dedo. My number

        • Munna Bhai


          • Chandu

            I am chandu from Guntur, andhrapradesh

            Added me whatapp number
            This my number

      • Srinu Vasu

        I want your what’s app number

  3. Sajeeb Ahmed


    I am Sajeeb from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    I need your help, give me your Whatsapp number so that I contact with you easily.

    Best Regards
    Sajeeb Ahmed

    • Munna Bhai

      Write your number here I’ll add you.

      • apoorva raj n


    • Gopi


      • Munna Bhai


      • Pavan

        Please add this number plz munna bai anna

  4. pradum

    bro I need your help I m from India I wanted to know how to add funds in skrill it doesn’t

    recognize my debit card and I am not able to verify on bet 365 I upload my bank statement and they rejected it what I do please tell me my Whatsapp no.8896293902

  5. Vasanth

    Bhai im from bangalore i lost full money i don’t have many to put for ur predictions plz help me… I beg u… My number 973850

    • Munna Bhai

      Dude when you lost all your money in gambling then take a break. Gambling is not your cup of tea. Stop gambling. Work and earn some money then take premium membership on and learn trading. There is no other way you can get any help from me or anyone.

      • HB

        May i add w u bro !!?
        Its needed !!

        • Munna Bhai

          I’ve added you.

  6. Ray shaib

    Bhai muze bhi ad karoo
    Loss & Loss

  7. Rakshak

    906……..munna bhai

    • Munna Bhai


  8. Ashish

    Bhai m ur big Fan ..plz add me in ur whatsapp my no. Is 823

    • Munna Bhai


  9. Kiran

    Bhai I’m in run way of poor betting skills plz help and add me on your whatsapp

    • Munna Bhai

      I’ve added you, but it doesn’t show on Whatsapp. Have you given correct number?

  10. Kiran

    I lost all my money in betting, now I’m ready to recover all my loss by your guide, please help me to recover plz plz plz plz

    • Munna Bhai

      First of all stop gambling. Then take premium membership on Betting Adda and learn trading. I give predictions and trading tips there. This is the only way you can make some decent profit.

  11. Kiran

    I’m from india

  12. Kiran

    Bhai is there any strategy for tennis

    • Munna Bhai

      There are many strategies for Tennis. Do you play on betfair?

      • Kiran

        Yes I play with bet fair, please let me know if there is any strategy for tennis, because most of my money lost in tennis

        • Kiran

          I do like tennis, only thing I did is gambling, I didn’t trade, I know I can make money in tennis by trade but I don’t know please help

          • Kiran

            Bhai help me to buy strategy for tennis

          • Munna Bhai

            I’ll prepare Tennis strategy later. I’ll announce it on my facebook so keep watching.

  13. Kiran

    Bhai can I give adhar card for my personal I’d proof for verification bet fair and neteller/skrill, any issue with this. Please help

    • Munna Bhai

      No they don’t accept Adhaar card. You have to give Passport, DL or PAN.

      • Kiran

        As here gambling/betting is not legal, I’m afraid of any problem by giving pan card, so shall I give pan card for verification, no problem na

        • Munna Bhai

          Dude even fucking is illegal in that sick country so do you stop fucking? Soon they will make jerking off illegal. if you have got no balls then don’t use internet at all as they are watching you and they will fuck you over soon.

          • Kiran

            Ok Bhai, I will upload my pan, please tell me Bhai there is any strategy for tennis and how do I get it, most I’m interested in tennis and most I lost in tennis

  14. sahil

    bhai plzz add my no..

  15. jay

    Bro plz mujhe bhi add karlo watspp grp me fake tipper Ki wajah se lut rha Hu .. Jst need to cover my loss

    • Vivan shah

      I want you to add me in to your watsapp members list…I am a premium member on betting Adda ….Pls add my number +

      • Munna Bhai

        Your number doesn’t show under Watsapp?? Never mind I added finally.

  16. khan

    Kindly add me . +923.. Great admirer of yours. Thanks

    • Munna Bhai


  17. Shubham

    Bro big fan please addd……..please

    • Munna Bhai


  18. Ankur

    plzz add my number 9694813..

    • Munna Bhai


  19. Kiran

    Plz add my number+91974304..

    • Munna Bhai


  20. sahil rajdev

    Add kar lo bhai humko bhi

    • Munna Bhai

      Add kar liya.

  21. msrk6776

    Bhai add my no 8801..

    • Munna Bhai


  22. Kiran

    Bhai you told you added my number but I didn’t see any of your group or broadcast list in my whatsapp

    • Munna Bhai

      I don’t do any broadcast. You can see my tips on

      • Rizz

        Add me sir, 9852

        • Munna Bhai


  23. Rahul

    Bhai i am ur big no is 789636… plz bhai add me

  24. Rahul

    Add me sir

    • Munna Bhai

      I’ve added you in contact but it doesn’t show under WhatsApp.

  25. Gautam

    Bhai plse add me. From long time I am trying for membership but till today I m not receiving any positive signs. Plse help me Bhai I want to recover from huge loss in IPL and champions trophy

  26. Gautam

    I have attempted several time on betting adda

  27. kunal

    sir please add me i am great fan of urs from along time please add me my no is 70..

    • Munna Bhai


  28. mallinath mallad

    Bhai,I m not able to pay at betting add,due to card issue,can u provide me Indian bank acc plz.

    • Munna Bhai

      I’ve forwarded your details to Mamu, he has already replied to you. If you don’t see his email in inbox then check spam/junk folder.

      • Sadruddin

        Sir plzzz help me u lost so much amount in cricket betting so give some prediction from today onwards

        • Munna Bhai

 You can take premium membership there and learn trading. I give predictions and trading tips on that website.

  29. mallinath mallad

    My what’s up no is 98902…,plz help me to take memership

    • Munna Bhai


  30. MD SUJON

    hi bhai I’m needs you predictions, please add me my what’sapp no +911

  31. MD SUJON

    hi bhai I’m only winner tips needs please help me

    my what’sapp: +911

  32. Amanjot

    Plz add me and send me link for live chat to talk with mamu regarding package

    • Munna Bhai

      You are old member of, you know Mamu’s email. I’ve checked with him. He has replied to you by email. If you don’t see his email in inbox then try spam/junk folder

  33. Munna

    Ser plz help

    • Munna Bhai

      bolo kaisi help chahiye?

      • Adithy

        Help me bro add me in your
        What’s app my number

    • manju

      am in big loss in ipl ..i need to cover all loose

  34. Sai Chanakya

    Anna my name also same as munna please add me in freefire I’m lot of struggles is there

    Phone number:

  35. Bhai add me

    Bhai pls add me. I’m small punter I play 10k per match I’m suffering huge loss. If I don’t pay my debts i ll die…

  36. Pavan

    Please add this number plz munna bai anna

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