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Karnataka Premier League (KPL) Matches Are FIXED

Did you know that most of KPL matches are fixed? If not then read this post to find out more.

Earn More Credits on Cricket Quiz Win Prizes App

Cricket Quiz Win Prizes app lets you earn more credits by connecting to your social media accounts.

How To Crack Cricket Quiz Win Prizes

Personal Jul 15, 2017 11 Comments

Cricket Quiz Win Prizes offers a chance to earn money and also win prizes every month. In this post you will find free tips to crack it and get a chance to win monthly prizes.

What Is Difference Between bet365 And Betfair? Which One Is Better?

I’ve been asked this question many times, which one is better bet365 or betfair? Find out which one is better.

How To Open Account on Betfair From India?

Step by step instructions on how to open account on betfair from India.

Champions Trophy 2017: Over 50 Peti Profit from Trading

Champions Trophy turned out to be a jackpot tournament, I made over 50 peti profit from trading on various markets.

Tennis Betting Strategy is Available

As I promised to my followers I’m finally announcing the availability of all my Tennis trading strategies.

IPL 2017 final Prediction Score: 58/59 Profitable Matches and 25 Multani Jackpots

This year’s IPL was one of the most profitable tournament. Only one of my predictions fail and rest all PASS.