Jhula (Swing) Betting Strategy

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Jhula (Swing) Betting Strategy

Jhula (Swing) Betting Strategy

Jhula means swing in Hindi. I coined the this strategy. It’s not a new strategy but just an opportunity to be exploited when we expect a massive swing in the odds of an event.

Unlike Tarazu and Doguna strategies you need to know the sport very well and must be able to predict the odds swing to apply this strategy.

Online Bookmakers for Jhula strategy

This strategy is back and lay strategy so we can only use Betfair to execute this strategy.

Event/Market selection

This is the most important aspect of Jhula strategy. You have to handpick the event/market and do some research before you make your move. You also need to watch the the match live and keep an eye on odds movements.

Timing is very important, if you don’t make move at right time then you might miss massive opportunities.

I can’t disclose which sports/markets are suitable for this strategy. This is available only to premier members.

How much profit?

I’ve made as much as 100% profit with this strategy. On average you can easily get 50-100% profit within few minutes.


Usual risk of match drifting away or becoming one sided.

Exit Strategy

We do have exit point for this strategy and most of the time we can get out with small profit.


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