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Tennis Betting Strategy is Available

As I promised to my followers I’m finally announcing the availability of all my Tennis trading strategies.

IPL 2017: Half Way Report: 29/29 Profitable Predictions from Trading

IPL 2017 is half way and it has been 100% profitable trading so far, not a single loss so far.

World Twenty20 Betting Strategy

World T20 is jurst around the corner, this strategy will help you to recover losses and make profit from betting.

BetTrader – What does the % represent?

On BetTrader you will see % at the top of blue and pink column, find out what do they represent.

Guaranteed Profit, Risk Free Online Sports Betting/Trading Strategy

This betting/trading system generates guaranteed 20% risk free profit.

Over £9k of profit on Australia v India 1st Test

Australia v India first test at Adelaide turned out to be jackpot for me as I’m in over £9k of profit at the stumps day 3.

Jhula (Swing) Betting Strategy

This strategy takes advantage of a massive swing in the odds to generate huge profit with less risk.