BetTrader – What does the % represent?

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BetTrader (Download and try for FREE) is one of the simplest BetfairBetfair (Signup and get £50 BONUS) trading software which I use on daily basis.

When you switch to ladder view you will see % shown at the top of pink (lay) column & blue (back) column. What do these % represent?

BetTrader Meaning of Percentage

BetTrader: % at the top of Lay and Back column in ladder view

These % represent the share of total money available on both side at that point of time. As you can see from the above snapshot taken from today’s Big Bash league match between Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Sixers 72% of total money is available on the lay (pink column) side for Adelaide Strikers and 28% is on the back (blue) column.

What do these % tell us?

If you see more money on one side then that side is active and punters are dumping money on that side which means that that side is favourite at the moment.

From the example above you can tell that Adelaide Strikers are underdog (less favourite to win) and hence traders are laying (more money on pink side) this team.

If you see almost equal amount on both columns then match is equally balanced.



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  1. kick

    Thank You so much Munna bhai. last question bhai ( In tools we can see the Tick offset
    1 tick (2%) (x) <—————— This percentage stand for what ?? " If sometime I back by using 5 tick (1%) it`s not put automatically other side for lay ". Mostly good but sometime only this kind of problem going on . Thx Munna bhai pls solve my problem & tell me how many % is mostly everyone using !!!!

    • kick

      Sorry for disturbed you munna bhai.. NOw my problem already solved by some other site ! Thx at lot for your hardwork to give this kind of information !! Keep help dude thx thx thx

      • bunny

        Bhai mujhe aapse kuch help chahiye plz help me bf me wdr ka option me only bank aarha h

  2. irfan ashraf

    Munna bhai ap kehtay ho k gambling na kro trading kro kis team pe trading kiya krain faveret ya unfaveret kis rate pe lgain plz guide me

    • Munna Bhai

      hamesha favourite per lagao.

      • irfan ashraf

        Munna bhai, mene 2 bar ap se contect kiya exclusive membership k liye bhai abitak koi reply nhi aya. Apka fan irfan ashraf.

      • irfan ashraf

        Munna bhai plz reply

  3. irfan ashraf

    Ok, thank,s munna bhai.
    Today I am big winer.
    Kal pk v nz
    Kya straitgy honi chahiye?

  4. subhash

    Hello sir,
    I am able to contact you please help me munna bhai


  5. bunny

    Munna bhai aap bs mujhe ye bta do ki mai bf me dip or wdr kayse kru kyoki bf me to wdr k liye bank ka hi option aata h plz help me mujhe dar iska h ki agar mai paise dal du to nikalunga kayse

    • Munna Bhai

      Neteller se dalo aur usi se nikalo.

  6. Avik kumar

    Dear Sir,
    I am intrested to devloped android app for showing live bet rates,please suggest where i purchase api for showing live rates in our app.

    • Munna Bhai

      There is no such single API available for this purpose. You have to contact each bookie and get their live odds API.

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