Fed Up with LB, Want to Try Betfair, How to Start?

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Someone contacted me with following question. It’s a very genuine and real life situation which any punter using LB goes through.

I’ve edited some of the words.

munnabhai i m betting from the past 7-8 years..
I bet with a LB and play sessions once in a while..
But this bookie mf gives rates according to my previous bets..
Agar mei ne 40p paisa pe khaya hai aur agar abhi bhav hai 70p , vo bookie 60p ya 65p hi dega..
Bcoz he knows mei abhi lagane wala hoon..
I want to open a account on betfair..
I dont have any idea how to do it..
i also have a doubt that is there any sarkari problem while betting on betfair..

I’m glad that you finally asked. This is a typical situation faced by any punter using LB. You will never get the odds you wish and you end up being manipulated by them. This is the reason I suggest all sattebaaz to use online bookies.

First of all BetfairClick here to open account on Betfair and get £25 FREE Bonus.

Next is to upload money from your bank to eWallet. Then from eWallet upload money to BF.

Sarkar se koi problem nahi hogi, bindaas khelo. Koi kanun nahi hai jo tumhe andar ker de online khelane ke karan. yeh jyada technical hai lekin bas yeh samazh ke chalo ki kuch nahi hoga. bas thora apne ghar ke andar hi rakhi yey sab mamla.



12 Responses to “ Fed Up with LB, Want to Try Betfair, How to Start? ”
  1. Rajesh

    Bhai koi strategy hai “next man” out ke event pe lagane ke liye ?

  2. Tony

    I wanted to know if i have placed a bet on betfair and in meanwhile before it getting matched a wicket falls at that same moment , are there any chances that my bet will be matched ?

    • Munna Bhai

      You are not clear what you have been trying to do.
      There are two scenarios
      1) You have placed bet in advanced and it is saved as unmatched bet. In this case your bet will be matched only when odds changes to match the odds on which you have placed bet
      2) You are placing bet and while it is doing so a wicket falls. In this case if the odds didn’t move enough to match your odds then it will remain unmatched bet.

      In either case unless your odds matches with current odds your bet will remain unmatched.

      Unlike Football where they close the market, Cricket markets are not closed so if your bet is not matched it will remain unmatched irrespective of whatever is happening.

      • Nil$

        hi munna bhai
        i am here plz help me out how do i continue,i hpe u remember me.

      • Tony

        Munna bhai neteller pe pehle paise jama karne ko bol rha hai aor fir verify hoga account aisa bola customer care vale ne ? Yehi procedure hota hai kya ?

  3. Harish

    Betfair me deposit skrill se karna ho to skrill me a/c opening me puchte hai (I used ) currency kon si barni hai i m indian

  4. Harish

    Muna bhai bf me deposit direct icici debit card se dene me dikkat aayegi kya

  5. Harish

    Munna bhai help me please mene icici bank , neteller,skrill & betfair sab me alag alag khata khol liya lekin fund transfer deposit icici se nahi ho raha neteller or skrill me kya karo

  6. Akshay

    Sir, how do i know that my betfair account is verified?

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