Card Doesn’t Work With NETELLER, High Commission and Heavy Losses in Gambling

eWallets Mar 2, 2015, Last Updated: Dec 9, 2017 166 Comments

Someone contacted me seeking help on following interesting issue which is an eye opener.

Munna Bhai, I am a great admirer of yours and have applied for exclusive membership for your blog but did not receive any mail. I used bet365 and NETELLER for online betting and used my PAN card for verification of both my accounts and they are verified. Now the real problem is that I used to direct deposit from my debit card to bet365 as well as NETELLER and they both provided International Money Transfers to my Punjab National Bank Account. Suddenly since the new PM sat on his throne my debit cards were not accepted and everytime it showed an error or a blank page and didn’t even ask for the 3D secure password. In desperation I used to get neteller money for 24% commission and to cover up that much commission I did bet carelessly and lost too much. Please suggest me something to be able to deposit funds I trust you like a big brother.


NETELLER & Skrill are now owned by a company called paysafe. Both of these eWallets are fraud for desis. They will block your account at some point of time without giving any reason and block all your money. I’ve received complaints from many punters from India whose accounts were blocked without any reason and all of them have lost money. Once they block your account you can’t do anything.

So take my advice and don’t fucking use NETELLER or skrill.

UPDATE: Most of the Indian banks no longer allow deposit in NETELLER or skrill.

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166 Responses to “ Card Doesn’t Work With NETELLER, High Commission and Heavy Losses in Gambling ”
  1. Rajesh

    Bhai you always emphasis on using ICICi bank to deposit funds , what about other banks such as Bank of Baroda or maybe Barclays Bank ?

    • Munna Bhai

      You can try. Make sure that you request your bank to allow International payment and remove any restrictions, if any, to use online.

      • Rajesh

        Should i tell them that I’ll be using my bank account or debit card to fund my ewallet (skrill) , other than saying I’ll be making international payments?

        • Munna Bhai

          Yes you should only if those dumbs understand what you are saying. The more you explain the harder their life you make. Remember those call center coolies are high school fail fucks who couldn’t get decent job and landed in a 3×3 kholi in some dingy corner of discarded building. Say that you want to use your card to upload money into an eWallet. What you do with eWallet is not their business as bank bucks stop with eWallet. Ask then to enable international payment on your card and let it enabled all the time. Also ask if there are any other restrictions on the card w.r.t using it for (international) online payments.

          Whatever you say don’t say the word “gambling” or “gaming”.

          • betboy

            hello munna bhai,
            you are my inspiration for trading on betfair i never thought i can make money like shit and wanted know wht are charges for skrill and neteller to transfer money from betfair to indian bank located at hyderabad

      • sunny

        munna bhai I opened a account in betfair it successfully opened bt not accepting my cards directly then I opened a acc in netteller and skrill and the problem is same wht should I do , how I will deposit plz tell me …

        • kishore

          Open account in ICICI Bank and tell staff that that I will be using for international transactions like Amazon PayPal

        • sathish kumar manoharan

          I can help for any neteller or skrill transaction in india

          • Mikesh

            Could u help me to deposit in neteller

          • Munna Bhai

            Ask what sort of help do you need?

          • Rangith

            Hi Bhai,

            recently oi have tried to deposit amount for netteller account but unfortunately hdfc and icici i am unable to do transaction they have blocked the netteller. is there any other way to deposite amount to neteller?

          • Munna Bhai

            You can try other banks but they will also block. Eventually all banks will block sooner or later. There is no other options. Skrill will also not work in same way because both of these are owned by same company – paysafe. You people are fucked. That’s the result of voting for those fucking dumb politicians.

            The only solution for you is to find someone who can transfer you money to your skirll or NETELLER account. If you can’t find anyone then contact Mamu @ and request for his help in this.

          • Rajinder

            I am from India. I want to transfer money from Indian Bank account to Skrill in Euros or directly to Betfair for gambling. Can u do it? If yes, your fee, time taken etc .

          • Munna Bhai

            Dude I’m not dalal, I don’t do these shitty things. Regarding transferring money from your bank account to any sites – it’s no longer working as most Indian banks have blocked it.

          • maneesh juvelly

            I am a axis bank customer using neteller … untill october 2016 in january 2017 i am unable to make any transactions

          • Munna Bhai

            You can use

          • Anji

            Hello this is anji I need to withdraw frm netteller can u help. Me. Am. Frm hyd .. can call me

          • lalith

            As indian cards are not allowed to do transactions for neteller and skrill (from 2017) for betting on bet365….is there any other way that i can bet on bet365 …if so please help with it

          • lalith

            Is there any way to bet on bet365 from india (even skrill nd neteller arent processing transactions with my debit card from 2017)
            Please help with it……

          • Munna Bhai

            You can use

        • Vishal Sharma

          I can see people blaming Indian high commission, Indian PM, IT dept..etc.etc. for getting indian debit or credit cards declined for these e wallet sites…..everything is false and bullshit as people just say anything without any knowledge….the actual reason is …

          all these e wallet websites like neteller, skrill etcs are not falling under a proper credit line business for example…all these credit and debit cards are issued to customers for making a purchase at merchant sites/stores..but what a huge chunk of people are doing is first depositing money in these e wallets then withdrawing back to there respective bank accounts..therefore this is disturbing the entire credit line policy…that’s why almost all the indian banks have stopped making paying to these e wallet websites along with all the betting sites too like bet365 etc. Hope I made some sense to you guys…

      • Vivek Goel

        Bhai mra koi card se deposit nhi ho rha skrill netellwr mein. 1 mahine pehle tuk ho rha tha. Lekin ab transaction declined. Kch help karo deposit ke lie

        • Munna Bhai

          Try foreign bank cards, standard chartered etc

          • Honey

            Bhai now neteller asks if the funds are for gambling or non gambling purposes. How does this impact. Skrill mein bhi yehi hai. Koi aur tareeka hai?

          • Munna Bhai

            You can use

          • Dipen

            Munna bhai i wanted to ask if i use foreign banks visa debit card such as of citi will it be more convenient in international transaction rather than indian banks in depositing in neteller

          • Munna Bhai

            You can try.

    • Abhishek

      Bhai,please suggest.. I have my friend in Dubai, can he deposit amounts in neteller and afterwards transfer them directly to my bf account??

  2. NEEL


    • pravin kedre

      agar aapko bet365 ka account kholana ho to mujhe 999 call kare

      • Munna Bhai

        GPL padegi kala dhandha kiya to.

        • Siddharth

          bhai I opened a account in betfair, verified it.
          i opened a account in neteller verified it and also validated my icici credit card.
          I deposited 30000 from My icici credit card to Neteller… then I transferred that amount in $$$ in Betfair…
          I lost 80% in Eng vs Ban match… but then slowly recovered all money in different matches…
          Now before playing further I wanted to check.. if the withdrawal also works or not.
          So I transferred $530 from betfair to neteller… In 24 hrs the money came to my neteller in Rupees… I transferred that money from neteller to icici bank account.. It asked for my bank swift code etc…. I called icici customer care.. and took all the details… Neteller also asked for my bank statement… I shared that as well.. Finally I was able to transfer the money from neteller to icici bank…
          After 3 days of transfer… i received email from neteller…
          Dear Siddharth Sharma,

          Your recent bank wire withdrawal request has been processed and these funds will arrive in your bank account within ten business days. If you have any questions, please email

          Now it’s been 3 more days… after I received that email but i have not received money yet…

          I am hoping.. the money should be credited in my icici coming this week…

          My questions for you :
          1. Am I doing everything right?
          2. Is there a better method?
          3. Will someone (my bank/income tax department/any other legal body) …. will they ever question me about the source of money… because the icici bank account is linked with my pan card… will someone ever question me… that from where this money is coming… ?
          Who is neteller… and how your account is getting funding from it???
          What should be the maximum amount that I should withdraw in 1 go… so that Income tax dept etc.. should not notice it…

          I will be very thankful if you can answer my questions..

          • Munna Bhai

            1. Yes, you are doing it right
            2. No there isn’t. You guys are stuck with fucking NETELLER and you are on their mercy. If they screw you are fucked. It’s risk just keep it in the back of your mind all the time.
            3. If someone calls from bank then say to them to fuck off.
            IT doesn’t sniff bank account of 1.2 billion people, use common sense. There is no other fucking legal bodies who will poke into your account.
            I can’t reveal how to get around it here in public. Ping me on FB and I’ll explain.

          • Siddharth

            Thank you so much for replying bhai…
            I got my icici credited from neteller this morning.. so this works..
            Now my deposit option and withdrawal option both are verified and are working ..

            To Know…. how to get away with…. I have pinged you on fb messanger. plz check sir

          • Hrishi

            PLZ tell how did u upload money to neteller and Wich debit card u used plz

          • Munna Bhai

            You can use

          • Livingston

            Hi siddharth. Am relieved from worries after seeing your comment. Actually yesterday i tried to deposit in skrill using my verified ICICI debit card. Skrill ask me select 2 options (gamling or non gambling) i selected gamling. After that it took me to icici payment gateway, surprisingly then it redirects immedietly to skrill site. It shows “your transaction was declined”. I havent tried netteller yet. Please help me soon.

          • ap

            hi siddharth …can u tel me how did u varify the bank details for depositing and also for withdrawl did u give your pan card or your pass port as a verifying proof

          • Rajeev

            What did u put as icici swift code , mine is not getting accepted

  3. roger patric

    @munnabhai i appreciate your predictions,i just wanted to bid on cricket matches nowadays but my debit card is not verifying help me out of this please its my pleasure request to you

    • Munna Bhai

      Try other bank cards.

      • roger patric

        munna bhai i am using icici bank’s debit card for verification to create new account but there is not done the verification
        thank you

      • Francis

        I want to contact you man regarding transfer of money from a PNB global debit card to Skrill for IQ option,kindly send me your contact details brother!
        Also I got other doubts as well to be clarified which an expert like you could help me with,do revert mate.

    • sathish kumar manoharan

      I can help u

      • Mikesh mittal

        I m not able to deposit fund. Could u please help

        • Rangith

          Hi Mikesh,

          me also facing the same issue please let me know if you have any other option.

          • Narendra

            Hi.. Due to recent changes in bank policies all banks are not accepting deposits in Neteller.. I used to do with HDFC..Now it’s not happening..they are saying international transactions are not allowed.. Then y the hell they allowed earlier

          • Munna Bhai

            That’s what happens when you idiots vote to send a chaiwala to the throne. This is just beginning, that asshole will make your life living hell just keep watching. You are doomed.

          • Munna Bhai

            You can use

  4. birendra

    munna bhai please help me to validate my card on neteller…..
    i have exceed the limits…..
    now want to validate my card on neteller…..

    but wt ids d validation code.,..???
    i didn’t found any code on my bank statement…….

    it is always like this…..


    plzzzzzzzz help me…………………
    four digit validation code ????

    • Amar

      VIN/Neteller-[censored] even i have same problem.. mailed lot of times dint get any reply…

      did u got response from them?

      • Munna Bhai

        Bro don’t publish your account ID publicly it’s a bad habit.

        • Amar

          Thanks Munna Bhai, for your reply

        • Amar

          can you help me on this issue munna bhai ? cant find validation code.

        • Tony

          Munna bhai e-wallet me fund transfer karne ke liye net banking or through debit card deposit karna theek rahega ?

          • Munna Bhai

            try karo dekho kaun sa leta hai.

    • veeru

      did u get the vaidation code

  5. betboy

    wht are charges for skrill and neteller to transfer money from betfair to indian bank located at hyderabad

    • Sunil

      Rs. 550

      • Mikesh mittal

        I cannot deposit fund…could u please help

  6. Devil

    Bhai what is the Platinum chip card….how is it work in skril.. I have hdfc account…

    • Sunil

      No need for HDFC… go to net banking… cards… enable international access

  7. Guru

    Munna Bhai …I have opened A/C with betfair and skrill…now the problem I’m facing is to setup a withdrawal method from skrill to my bank …Its not verifying though I have entered correct account number and swift code….plz help

    • Munna Bhai ko contact karo.

      • Tony

        Munna bhai neteller pe pehle paise jama karne ko bol rha hai aor fir verify hoga account aisa bola customer care vale ne ? Yehi procedure hota hai kya ?

        • Munna Bhai

          humm! aisa nahi hona chahiye. agar aisa bol rahe hain to kar lo. kam paisa jama karo aur verify karwa lo.

      • Tony

        Munna bhai skrill me deposit karvana hai ..non gambling option choose karu ya gambling ? Aor agar non gambling choose karunga to fir gambling site me kaise transfer karunga ?

        • Munna Bhai

          You need my guide, I’ve sent it.

          • Sid

            kindly send me yr guide..

          • rajveer

            i am unable to open an account in bet 365
            how can i open it ?

          • Shivam

            I can’t deposit money in my neteller account using hdfc debit card, please tell me if is there any other way to get rid out of this problem

          • Munna Bhai

            You can use

        • Abhishek

          Bro.. Need ur help

  8. Guru

    Munna Bhai…Verification done !!! However, not able to upload funds for gaming purpose on skrill…Do I need to select Non-gambling option and doing that will I be able to use funds on betfair later on??…Plz help ASAP

  9. Ishan

    Munna bhai please mail me your bible.

  10. Rumon81

    Munna bhai ma kaca netellra money load krunga, Plz detel ma batow my mail ma. ma kaisa krungo apka halp chataho. bhai betting ma Premium members kasa krunga ma apka Prediction chataho, bhai i am bangladeshi, my thora hindi janta ho, my englesh thora week ha, plz bhai help me

  11. Mahmudmcn

    Munna vai. I am from Bangladesh. I want to know which Bank is suitable for online transaction. So, I will be open an account. Then run on the road of trading for learn the trade.

  12. Mahmudmcn

    I couldn,t post comment there coz I am not premium member.

    • Munna Bhai

      Become premium member if you really want to make serious money with trading. There is no such thing as free lunch.

  13. Anjul

    hi i have opened account with betfair but when i am trying to upload money through netteler and skirll but both not working for me.
    When i tried to upload on skirll with chossing gambling option it doesnt let me do it but by using without gambling then funds were uploaded but i cant use them on betfair .
    Netteler not even letting me upload through any indian debit or credit card. Can anyone help please

  14. nisha

    Muma bhai ap toss ki prediction yaah bhi kr diya karen betting adds pe to paise dalo pr predict dekho itna sb kuch nhi hoga hum se kal eng land vs nez 2nd odi hai to plz ap batayen toss kon jeetega aur match kon jeetega

  15. Rajtheprince18

    Hai Munna bhai Im playing with LB from past two years and M under huge loss. Can you send me your guide how to open account on online? please sir.

  16. Guddu

    Munna bhai i m from kolkata..i m big fan of ur.main sirf janna chahta huun k bet365 pe kya 1000 or 2000 jayse chote payse ka bhi bet hota hain ya nai….plz ans be bro da

    • Munna Bhai

      There is no fixed minimum unit stake. The min is determined by odds. 1000 Paise is around £0.1 which is pretty much well above minimum stakes. So to answer your question – yes they will accept 1000 paise bet. For mos tof bookies the min stake is around £0.6 to £0.8 which is about 600-800 paise.

  17. Guddu

    Thanks vaiya..and vaiya bet365 pe a/c chalu honepe kitne din lagte hain vaiya??

  18. Guddu

    Thanks vaiya..and vaiya bet365 pe a/c chalu honepe kitne din lagte hain vaiya??love you bare vaiya.vaiya kafi acha rang milta hain mera baas is local bookies se chutkara chahiye karna hain baas hain na online?suna k koi law hain nai online bet pe india me.kuch hoga to nai na vaiya?

  19. Guddu

    Vaiya dekho apunka kamaal..aj sussex jitega ntwst pe..i think mil jayega rang

  20. Lady don

    Munna bhai online pe khuuv kamai hui hain.1peti ho chuki hain.ek sath uthalu or bank pe vaar luun to problem ho sakta hain kya?

    • Munna Bhai

      Not sure which country you live in so can’t say for sure. If you are in India then withdrawing more than 50k (you have to check what’s limit) will involve getting clearance from fucking RBI. For UK it’s not a problem. For the rest of countries I’m not sure.

  21. Lady don

    Dhire dhire utha sakti huun nah? Like 10k every 1-2 dy..

    • Munna Bhai

      20-30k utha lo every 3-4 months. Every day uthaoge to bank ka phone aayega.

  22. Lady don

    HDFC wale zada safe hote hain kya?

  23. Lady don

    20-30 k uthaungi 3-4 months pe 😮
    fir itna sara kamai hat ane pe to kitne saal lag jayege pata nai.aap kaya itnahi uthate ho kya

  24. Lady don

    4-5 bank pe a/c kholke agar 3-4 months baad baad jama karti rahu toh fir problem to nehi hoge na.plz ans me munna bhai

    • Munna Bhai

      yeh bhi theek rahega.

  25. Lady don

    Haan isse to haar month pe maal ayega alag alag ac pe or aapke baato k anusaar problm bhi hona nai chahiye.thanks munna vai.

    • Munna Bhai

      kya problem aayegi. maal tumhra kisi aur ko kyon khujli hoye. Lady don ho koi khujli kare to laga do tamncha uski G me.

  26. Lady don


  27. Kumar anurag

    Munna bhai mere skrill account me name Kumar anurag hai aur mere bank account mein name anurag hai Kya karu please help me

    • Munna Bhai

      Contact skrill support, I think it should be fine.

  28. vikky

    Munna bhai hiiii! I opened a neteller account, got it verified and they accepted my debit card fee is nominal.betfair accepted payment through neteller and all ok.but now my bank statement in pass book has the entry. …vin/netller -**** .I have loaded via my card in neteller 4 times now .will the bank wala ask why u have funded netller and what for?What shall I say?any hassle there?now if I withdraw in my bank of b aroda account, will there be any queries by bank where the money is coming from?though I wish to withdraw 10k per month for a while. My main concern is frequently loading via debit card.can they ask y and where am I sending the money through neteller and proof thereof! Do the icici fellows check/monitor debit card transactions? Any clues?thanks

  29. Harish

    Bf me entropay nahi chalta bhai

  30. veeru

    Bhai i cant find the validation code,i used a visa card for payment in neteller.Please tell me how to find it.

    • Munna Bhai

      It’s mess with Indian banks, they don’t tell you exact amount sent by NETELLER. It should be in the bank statement, if you are lucky then you will be able to find the exact amount. If not call the bank and ask them to provide this exact details.

  31. Circuit

    Bhai i am using icici debit card nd recentely open account on neteller but netller me money deposit nhi ho rha.
    Always showing transaction declined.
    What i can do.

  32. Rakesh

    Munna bhai..meine pnb se thode paise daale the 2 mahine phele..abhi me paise deposit nahi kar pa rha na hi nikal pa rha hu…neteller waale reply bhi nh karte…please help bhai

    • Rakesh

      Pnb and yesbank se try kia transaction declined aa raha h baar baar

      • Munna Bhai

        Dude NETELLER are skrill both are fraud so don’t use them. You are fucked, no one can help you.

      • praveenreddy500

        ask ur bank to activate international transactions worked for me for icici bank debit card.
        if u want neteller money i can transfer u directly from neteller.

        • Ravi

          HI Praveen i want money to be transferred in to my neteller account plz help me

        • Harwinder Singh Rathore

          Can you provide your contact number?

          • Munna Bhai

            Imagine providing contact number of hundreds of thousands of punters, what my life would be? I don’t provide contact number. You can always contact me here or on betting adda.

  33. CS Reddy

    how to validate debit/credit card in neteller ?
    what is four digit validation code ?
    where it is?
    i could not find four digit validation code ?
    please suggest me in detail

    • Munna Bhai

      For bank verification NETELLER deposits small amount into your account. You have to check this in your bank statement. This amount will be in foreign currency which you have selected. Normally fucking Indian banks don’t show this foreign currency value and they show Indian Rupees amount which is not correct. Call your bank and ask to provide exact foreign currency amount. This is the amount you will enter into Bank Verification on NETELLER.

      I’m not sure about 4 digit validation code. What is this? At which step you are asked for this?


    how to validate card , I have successfully deposited money. But the problem is , it shows you need to validate your card. you need to check bank statemant and enter 4digit code , but i dint find such codes.
    in my bank statemnt it shows like this
    don know which is 4 digit code,,,
    Please help me
    and the process of verifaction of account is also very tough , i also wanted to know about it . will my bank will tell me exact amount in dollar as you have sugested.

    • Munna Bhai

      Indian banks are still pre-historic and fucking neanderthal. Call them and ask to provide this code, tell them that you need it to verify your eWallet account. They may or may not tell depending on which donkey answers your call. Some banks tell some don’t so good luck!!!

    • csr365

      Visit the Money In page of your account and select the appropriate deposit option.

      Enter in the amount, the card number, card currency, expiration date, and the security numbers for the card then press continue.

      Your requested deposit amount will be processed and deposited into your NETELLER Account. You will also notice within this step a note informing you to “Please validate this card”

      For card validation purposes, your card will be charged an additional one-time 5.00 USD (or equivalent currency). This is not a fee; this amount will be deposited instantly to your NETELLER Account as a separate deposit along with your primary deposit. This amount will show up on your credit/debit card statement along with a registration code (4 digits).

      The registration code is a series of numbers before or after the biller company’s name. For example, when you are looking for the NETELLER card registration code, you will need to search for NETELLER–1234. The number after NETELLER will be your registration code, which you will need to enter within your account.

      Once you have obtained the registration code from your banking statement, or by calling your banking institution, you can then proceed to validate your card in your NETELLER Account. Click on “Settings”, expand the preferred deposit options, then click on the green “validate” button associated with the card you wish to validate.

      Once you have correctly entered the registration code given to you by the bank, you should see a confirmation message that tells you that you have increased limits on that card.

  35. rahulpanwar

    bro plz help me…can you transfer money to my neteller ?

    • Munna Bhai

      If you can’t deposit then you can’t withdraw either. So no use of asking for someone to help you. I spoke to NETELLER and they said that they are having some issues with India. It’s always some issues with all these eWallets in India. Blame it to fucking Indian system.

  36. rahulpanwar

    i cant deposit money in my neteller please help. please please.

  37. Raja

    tried to deposit in skrill via various debit cards but card verification failed bata raha hai and skrill support isnt responding since 15 days. pls help

    • Munna Bhai

      Dude Indian debit cards ain’t allowed for international transactions. Banks restrict it. It’s some kind of fucked up pre-historic policy or something. Use mastercard credit card.

  38. Raja

    Which one you use? I already activated internaltional usage but still verification fails and skrill supports are not responding

  39. bhavesh

    My bank statment not showing 4 digit validation code pls help me.
    Or validation nhi kiya to kya hoga??

  40. raghav

    Bhai…nettlar main paisa jama kaise Karu

    .mere idbi ke debit card se paisa jama nhi ho rha hai

  41. Ajay

    I able to deposit on neteller from icici debit card but not able to verify it what should I do Munna Bhai

    • Munna Bhai

      Dude first verify account then deposit or else they will fuck your account and money will be stuck.

  42. Lakra

    Minna bhai please help Mai neteller pe account khola aur isme canara bank ke visa debit card se dala wo paisa le kiya aur validation charge v kat liya aur validation code mang rha hai Mai bank ka passbook me chek kiya mini statement m check kiya mil nahi raha hai aur ho code hai wo 6-8 digit ka code hai wo le nahi raha hai Mai bank me v contact kiya lekin wo bta nahi pa rahe hain, Mai statement ka photo mail v kiya tha neteller ko lekin wo accept nahi kar rahe hai, please batay Mai apna canara bank ka card kaise validate karu.

    • Munna Bhai

      Indian bank saale nehi batate hein code, nahi milega ab. Laure lag gaye tere. Meine pehle hi bola tha ki Neteller fraud he mat kholo account. Koi meri sune tab na.

  43. Lakra

    Munna bahi neteller account me bina card validation ke transaction hi sakta hai kya please batay

  44. Livingston

    Actually yesterday i tried to deposit in skrill using my verified ICICI debit card. Skrill ask me select 2 options (gamling or non gambling) i selected gamling. After that it took me to icici payment gateway, surprisingly then it redirects immedietly to skrill site. It shows “your transaction was declined”. I havent tried netteller yet. But after seeing recent comments here i doubt depositing in any ewallet for gambling purpose is blocked by indian banks. I dont know what to do. Please help me soon.

  45. I'm ass hole


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  46. Kalu

    Hi mumnabhai
    From the past two neteller introduce two options while depositing from my credit card
    Gambling and non gambling
    If I select gambling transaction is getting declined if I select non gambling I can’t deposit in bet365.
    Any way or any other option

  47. Raj

    Hi Bhai,
    Need to transfer amount on iqoptions using skrill to trade there but its not accepting my debit cards. I tried with yes bank and hdfc bank debit cards but not accepted. Also tried to deposit the amount directly on iqotions but that too not accepting…..please help… or is there any other way??

    • rajesh..

      whats or call me.. i will guide u how to deposite and withdraw money.. in bet365/betfair/betway… safely.. without any problem

  48. Hardik

    Hi Munna,

    Wanted to know can I deposit money in neteller if I select the purpose as non gambling? If that is possible can I deposit funds in one account with purpose as non gambling and then transfer those funds to a different neteller account and then transfer it to bet365?
    Please let me know.

  49. Kiran

    Help me plz

  50. Sammy'

    Munna Bhai sab ko chutye bana Raha bs verif kro account skrill ye neteller verify kro card verfiy kro Aram se deposit and withdraw hota Hai bc me lakho dal Diya bs bank walo o phone aaya boo Dena ka k reletve Dale bs itna nahi bolna k Betting k Hai public hI chutye Hai bc khud ka mind hota kar let but kro chutye giri

  51. Sammy'

    Pure world me legel Hai ye India ko chorr ke ipl k Matlab kya Hai Kyu player log ko khardite Kyu ki unloog khud apni team ko harate koi koi match k aaj harna h and yaha maximum amount dalte ye a Gaya 100 cr khelo bindas chutye log bine veirfy Kare Munna Bhai ye nahi chal raha Munna Bhai pls bolo na kaise Kare hahahahah

  52. sonu

    hello munnabai

    i am from india and i have earned money of one lakh. can i transfer it in part payments to my frineds / relatives @ 30 K Each.

    • Munna Bhai

      Yes you can.

  53. A.K

    Sir..Nettler me deposit krna he but sb card ka option aa rha he master card ka option nhi aa rha h

    • rajesh..

      Mastercard has been stopped working in neteller…

  54. robin

    sir i by mistake used my debit card to add fund to bet365 and transaction was refused and my card details were saved in bet365 ..will here be any issue as betting is illega i india

    • Munna Bhai

      You are fucked dude. These bookies are white collar thugs. They will scam you big time. Call bank immediately and cancel your card. Get a new one. Also on card it will show gambling account and Khakhi Vardi will be chasing you. Not to mention bank may seize your account. You are in deep shit!

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