IPL 2017 final Prediction Score: 58/59 Profitable Matches and 25 Multani Jackpots

Cricket Betting May 21, 2017, Last Updated: May 21, 2017 No comments

IPLIPL 2017 was my most successful tournament so far. Last year was disaster and I was expecting this year to follow similar pattern but we were lucky. Only one of my prediction was failure rest all matches were profitable. On top of that we had 25 Multani jackpots. Never ever in the history of IPL I’ve seen so many Multani Jackpots. Almost 50% of matches ended up in Multani Jackpots.

Those who were following me on Betting Adda must be in huge profit from my trading tips.

This year’s IPL is the proof that you all have to stop gambling and learn trading.

If you are still gambling then this is the time to stop gambling and start trading. Follow my tips on Betting Adda.



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