Karnataka Premier League (KPL) Matches Are FIXED

Cricket Betting Sep 13, 2017, Last Updated: Sep 13, 2017 8 Comments

Cricket and match fixing go hand in hand. According to some reliable bookies, who have been caught in the past, all matches in almost all leagues are fixed.

Well I don’t believe that all matches are fixed but there are some hilarious matches which even a blind guy can tell that it’s fixed.

KPL and TNPL are circus of fixed matches. In these leagues fixed matches are so obvious to spot that anyone who is observing odds can figure it out as soon as bookies start to mess with odds.

Today’s Bellary Tuskers v Belagavi Panthers match was such example. I spotted fixing as early as just after the end of 1st over. I also revealed that match is fixed on Betting Adda match’s prediction page – scroll down at the bottom to see my report.

The good news is that I made nice profit from trading. Bad news is that if I haven’t spotted it I may have ended up in loss.

The hilarious part is that this was so obvious and yet no one complains.

Another sad aspect of this whole match fixing drama is that online bookies are also aware of match fixing and they don’t let odds move naturally.

I’m not here to judge anything or blame anyone, I just want to warn all punters that keep your eyes open and follow odds carefully. If something doesn’t look normal then think match is fixed.

Not all matches are fixed so don’t be disappointed. There will be always few matches which are scripted like a Shakespearean drama in theatre.

Take action immediately as soon as you spot match fixing and bet accordingly. Hedge as early as possible and exit trading. Follow my predictions & Tips on Betting Adda. I provide live betting tips and if I sport match fixing I inform to all.



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  1. Susheel

    bhai ek banda he idhar usko sab fixed matches ka pata hota hei. malul ni usko kahan se tips milati hei. 100% fixing report deta hei woh. is match ka bhi bola tha usne ki fix he panthers jeetegi. meine 2 peti profit liya tips se. aap jo bol rahe woh bilkul sahi hei. us bande ne bola ki abhi aur bhi matches fix hein

    • Munna Bhai

      Match fix kaun karta hei? Bookies. Profit kisko hota hei? Bookies ko. Fir ye tumhara banda ya to bookie ka chamcha hoga ya fir kahi se tap karta hoga. Bach ke rehna kisi din lambi lag jayegi. Confidence me lek ke kisi din loot lega tumhe.

    • Safi

      Bhai tumahara whatsapp no do

      • Safi

        Sunnel can u give me ur no

        • Navnit

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  2. spyder

    for daily match predictions mail me jst fa 1k…..if match gonna fail next match prediction will be free……….

  3. Rafijul

    Ap ka jarurat hay hum subkooo

  4. Match Prediction

    This is truly awesome post on recent happening in karnataka premier league. Thanks for sharing.

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