Paddy Power: How to change odds from fractions to decimals

By defaults odds on Paddy Power are shown as fractions, find out how to switch odds from fractions to decimals.

Pakistan v Australia 2nd Test Prediction

Pakistan are looking strong and it looks like they are on similar course as the first Test.

Jhula (Swing) Betting Strategy

This strategy takes advantage of a massive swing in the odds to generate huge profit with less risk.

What is lay betting?

Betfair revolutionized the online sports betting market when they allowed lay betting on the exchange. Find out what is lay betting and how to use it.

Doguna (double) Strategy for online sports betting

This is a sure win tried and tested strategy for any sports where odds are more than evens (> decimal 2.0) .

Tarazu Strategy

It’s one of my favourite strategy which I’ve been using since long time successfully. It’s low profit but very low risk strategy.

India v Sri Lanka ODI Series 2014 – Series Prediction

Sri Lankans are filling the gap left by West Indies pull out. A series arranged in haste, who will win?