Munna Bhai#s Whatsapp Number

Munna Bhai#s Whatsapp Number


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  1. shishir

    dear munna bhai, iam from Bangladesh. i do not know
    well English so i write hindi. sir maine sobkus kho dia.
    mera ek chota baby hai.abhi hum thik tara mera family
    chala nehi parraha. two years pehele mera sob tha.
    abhi mera 4 lakh loan. agar kusdin aise chole to mujhe
    suiside korne poregi. sir apse request he mera family
    ko bachane ki liye do something. sir please read and
    reply. god bless you.

    • Munna Bhai

      Stop Gambling. I’ve been telling this to everyone. Just stop it forever. Work hard save money and if you still want to bet then trade. Take premium membership on betting adda and learn trading there.

  2. shishir

    Dear sir, eha par hum bet korthehe only cricket match and team wining. trading nehi choltehe. local bookie. so what’s your suggestion. beting adda website pe dekha apka prediction all pass. kiya eya match wining? sir please reply me.because i want recover my loss and save my family for your suggestion. i want to take a premium membership. sir please help me. god bless you and your family.

    • Munna Bhai

      The only way you can make profit is to trade on BetfairBetfair. Open account by clicking on link above and then take preium membership on Stop gambling with local bookies and start trading.

  3. shishir

    dear sir, Bangladesh che betfair pe account possible he kiya? what is dollar amount deposit? sir i do not know how too trade. and what is minimum charge of premium membership? sir please reply me. and which way pay for membership.

    • Munna Bhai

      Yes all Bangladeshis play on betfair. For premium membership on contact Mamu

  4. Sakif

    plzz bro add me what’s app

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