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After a long time I’ve decided to be on Facebook. You can connect to me on


Please don’t ask for predictions & tips on FB as I’ll not reply. If you need any help regarding anything in life then feel free to ping me there. I’ll be on FB as long as those motherfuckers don’t delete my account. This is my only official FB account. I’m also on twitter in case you didn’t know:


Also please stop asking my Whatsapp number as I don’t use Whatsapp.



16 Responses to “ I’m on facebook ”

    Munna bhai i need you predictions or
    bettingadda member shif no understand only
    facebook or you what’sapp no please tell me
    please Munna bhai im big loss pleas help me
    bhai pleas answer me


    Munna bhai BPL 2016 all tips need you fres bhai tell me

    • Munna Bhai

      No free tips, you can take premium membership on bettingadda.com and learn trading there. Or buy strategy from there.

  3. Natesh

    I am using bet365 last 4 to 5 years. but from yesterday i am not able to deposite money in neteller. always showing payment declined. tried with skrill also. similar problem. any sollution for this?

    • Munna Bhai

      You need to contact bank and ask why they are declining.

      • Natesh

        Mastercard no more working with neteller. they changed their policy. mastercard won’t allow to deposite money to any internation merchant websites

        • Munna Bhai

          That’s bad. Is it official anywhere? Looks like you guys are fucked.


    munna bhai I’m Bangladesh I’m neteller account open & you member shif krung but I’m bettingadd systems no understand please bhai you mobile no & what’sapp: no or Facebook sa predictions need please bhai full mount package tell me & me neteller sa paid krung please bhai help me me only neteller sa paid krung you & full mount package tell me ok
    my mobile no:

  5. Sohan

    Vai I am from bd…here payment system is very critical…in that case I want to pay you with netteler acc…so need your netteler id & how much I will pay you for 7/15/30 days??? plz replay I will be very much gladful to you

    • Munna Bhai

      You can contact Mamu on bettingadda.com

  6. mahmudul

    munna bhai me Bangladesh se mere pas skrill account he bt not mastercard keyce me payment karugi apko

    • Munna Bhai

      You can contact mamu on bettingadd.com and pay him via skrill.

  7. mahmudul

    who is mamu. plz vi

    • Munna Bhai

      On betting adda go to contact page and send message, he will reply.

  8. sonet

    Bhai kal ka 2 match payment diya but ak match or 1 match no padiction tha asliye aj ka nai diya kisliye?

  9. sonet

    de diya Bhai

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