Caribbean Premier League Cricket (CPL T20) Predictions, Betting Tips & Strategies

Cricket Betting Strategies Jun 28, 2016, Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016 25 Comments


Most of you missed my IPL betting strategy. If you had followed it then you could have easily made 50 times profit.

Then I revealed NatWest T20 Blast strategy and many of you bought it because I didn’t provide trading tips for this tournament. These punters are instant rich now even though tournament is still half way through. From here onward profit is guaranteed by the end of tournament.

Here is your next chance to start making profit from CPL T20.

CPL T20 is about to kick off. It’s one of the shortest domestic T20 tournament which presents a different type of challenge to make profit from betting.

IPL, T20 Blast and Big Bash are the best domestic T20 leagues to make profit by following my strategy.

The good news is that it’s still possible to make profit from betting in CPLT20 by following my CPL T20 betting strategy.

The betting strategy for CPL T20 is very similar to my IPL and T20 Blast strategies. You can blindly follow same strategy for #1. For #2 you have to narrow it down to 1, 2 or 3 lines to minimize risk.

By following this strategy you can easily make at least 30 times profit of your unit stake.

E.g. Let’s assume that you are using £100 (Rs. 10000 – ten thousand) as unit stake in each match, multiply it by two if you play both lines #1 and one line from #2 then your stake will be £200 (Rs. 20000). So by investing Rs. 20,000 in each match you can easily make at least £6000 = Rs. 6,000,000 (Rs. 6 Lakhs). This is high risk profit. In a low risk approach Rs. 3 Lakh is guaranteed.

For £200 you must have at least £2000 as bank balance for this tournament.

If you are interested then you can buy this strategy on betting adda right now.

If you have already purchased any other T20 strategy then you don’t need to purchase it again. But don’t forget to obtain my spreadsheet for last year, this is very important. We have worked hard to analysis last year’s matches and prepared this spreadsheet manually. This spreadsheet is not available anywhere and I doubt that any punter will know how to extract these results. You can contact Mamu @ BettingAdda and pay him some money to get this spreadsheet.

CPL T20 Trading tips @ Betting Adda

I’ll not be providing trading tips @ Betting Adda and reason is same as I gave for NatWest T20. Also these matches will be played when I’ll be in bed so it’s not possible for me to provide live trading tips. The best option is to follow strategy and make easy money without worrying about result.


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  1. Abhishek

    Munna bhai can you tell that which all banks are good for trading? Plz reply bhai

    • Munna Bhai

      I’m assuming you meant which bank to use to deposit money on online bookie sites? You can’t use banks directly to deposit money to bookie sites. You shouldn’t use banks or you will be screwed big time. Even if you try to use your bank will refuse and may be give nice G me danda. You have to use eWallets.

      • Abhishek

        Munna bhai cant i submit 1 year old bank statement to bet365 ? If i submit it, will it work?

        • Munna Bhai

          Old is not always gold, no it will not be accepted.

          • Abhishek

            Munna bhai does neteller allow sbi global international debit card starting from 4592? Munna bhai plz reply to my last question.

          • Munna Bhai

            Neteller doesn’t accept or deny any card. It’s the bank which allows or doesn’t allow the card. If you card is VISA or Master and it is allowed by bank for international transaction then it will work on any eWallet.

            I don’t live in India so I’ve no clue what exactly works. You can try. Good luck!

          • Abhishek

            Munna bhai, thankyou for your support but bhai one more error is coming. I have deposited money to my skrill account and whenever i am trying to transfer money from skrill to bet365 the transaction is getting failed after going through the search i got my answer. And the answer was that whenever any person upload money to skrill account they ask before uploading that on what purpose you want to upload and give two options first for non-gambling and another one for gambling i choose gambling because non-gambling was not working and i upload 1000 bucks so now i can’t able to transfer to bet365. if i now try this method of transfering money through neteller, will the same problem come?

          • Abhishek

            Sorry bhai, i choose non-gambling

          • ritesh

            Sir batao na plz wallet mai paise kaise deposite kare sir plz rply me

      • ashwin

        Contact numbr

      • Naeem

        i am Naeem. sir je cricket match ki tip chayay the per match kitni fees hy aur week ki kitni fees hy tips lani the

      • ritesh

        Sir kaise wallets mai paise dale sir

  2. Tushar Khan

    Munna bhai I am from Bangladesh.I want to get Premium membership on Betting adda for monthly. plz help me.

  3. Kiran

    Bhai, you are doing a good job, I appreciate it. I want to open a skrill account although I have neteller account but the details which have given to neteller is not mine and I don’t have any documents. So please help me

    • Munna Bhai

      Get documents first and open account under your name.

  4. Munna Bhai

    As you have already figured out you can’t use skrill for gambling purpose. If you select Gambling option during upload then your bank will refuse transfer and if you choose non-gambling then skrill will not let you use money for gambling purpose. So you are stuck. You can withdraw money from skrill and use NETELLER (Click here to open account)

    Another option is to find someone, not from India, transfer him money by any means and he will transfer to your skrill account. I hope this should work. You can contact Mamu @ BettingAdda he might help you for this method.

    • Abhishek

      Munna bhai how to contact mamu

      • Munna Bhai

        From contact us page or from live chat on the same website.

        • ritesh

          Sir batao na sir wallet mai paise deposite kare sir

    • Abhishek

      Munna bhai one more error is coming bhai plz help me i cant able to withdraw my money from betfair. Plz help me munna bhai how to withdraw it?

  5. ashwin

    Number plzzz

  6. Saiprasad Shinde


    I have taken one match membership for the game between “Dindigul Dragons vs Madurai Super Giants” 27-August-2016 but I am unable to understand the tips given by Munnabhai.
    Please help as match is in the morning.


  7. tillu

    Can anyone help me as I am getting calls from bank for withdrawing five transaction totaling amt 2.5 lakhs from nettler account..what reply should I give to be in a safer side

    • Munna Bhai

      Tell those suckers that it’s from your brother who lives abroad and it’s towards family maintenance. Tell them to fuck off as it’s none of their fucking business. I’ve also replied to your email, didn’t I?

      • tillu

        Yes munna bhai I got ur rply.
        .can u tell me what is safe amount to withdrae montly as I make atleast 2 lakhs every month…will I be Iin trouble in the fufuture from income tax

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