How To Become Expert Cricket Tipster at Betting Adda

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First of all I would like to clarify that I do not own Betting Adda (BA). I’m just an active member of the website for a long time. I joined BA on in October 2014, about 10 months after it was launched.

For those who are not familiar with Betting Adda, it’s a community website or “Adda” – a gathering or place of gathering – for punters and tipsters. It’s a unique portal and only of it’s kind which offers in-depth preview of Cricket matches for betting. It encourages punters to trade rather than gamble and this the main reason why I’m so active on this website.

When BA was free I used to offer free Cricket predictions and trading tips and helped thousands of punters to recover their gambling losses with my trading tips.

After BA become premium website I was offered the position of becoming tipster by Mamu (Admin) which I accepted and negotiated a deal with him to receive a compensation for my time and valuable advice.

In this post I’ll share some of the secrets on how to become expert tipster at Betting Adda. It’s a long process so have patience if you are serious about becoming tipster.

Step 1: Become a premium member

Every member who wants to see premium content or post comments/forum post or offer tips has to be a premium member.  Click here to find out how to become premium member.

Step 2: Be active for at least 2 months

Be active, post comments/forum posts. Help other punters in forum. On the match previews post your reviews/comments and reply to other’s comments. Offer your in-depth match preview.

Precaution: Do not post any prediction and tips at this point of time or else you will be banned. The reason why non-tipsters are not allowed to post predictions & tips is because it is responsible job and a punter’s life saving depends on it. 

WARNING: Don’t try to use Betting Adda as means to advertise your own prediction services

There have been many instances in the past where rogue tipsters would give few predictions and then try to sell their own Cricket prediction services. All of such thugs have been given nice Betting Adda GPL – the one you can see below.

Betting Adda GPL

Betting Adda GPL


Step 3: Contact Mamu (Admin) to express your desire to become tipster

After 2-3 months contact Mamu on website’s live chat or contact page and express your desire to become tipster.

Step 4: How to sell yourself & Mamu’s probing question

Here is funny thing, read it carefully. It’s secret Mamu told me and I’m sharing with you.

When a tipster contacts Mamu he says that he is expert tipster and his success rate is 90%. Mamu has a standard reply to such tipsters:

If you are so good in predictions then why don’t you bet yourself and make money?

You will be gobsmacked with such straightforward probing question for which you will not have any reply.

According to him most of these so called tipsters just disappear after this probing reply. He once told me that there was one very honest tipster from Europe whose reply was equally surprising. He replied “Well you are right and I’ve nothing else to say”.

So how do you pass Mamu’s interview? I leave it to you to figure out. If you are really good in what you say then you will find out answer to this.

Trial Period

Once you are accepted as tipster then you will be on trial for let’s say 2-3 months and will be closely observed by Mamu.

Be regular & maintain a decent PASS rate

Once you become expert tipster you have to maintain a decent PASS rate. My Prediction PASS rate is 80% and Tips PASS rate is 94%.

The secret to maintain good PASS rate is to break down markets and write predictions and tips separately for each market. E.g. one prediction for toss, 2nd one for match result, 3rd one for lambi and so on. this also gives you chance to predict only those markets which you most confidence.

Only predict markets which you have more than 80% of confidence of winning.

How much money you can earn?

It’s secret so I’m not going to reveal. All I can say is that if you are good in your prediction with high PASS rate then you can earn more than what you earn from your full time job.

Cricket prediction is hard work

I take about 30 minutes per match to go through stats, weather forecast, teams’s and players’s forms and past performances and ground records. It takes me another 5-10 minutes to process all collected information only then I’m able to write prediction or tips.

I offer live trading tips only for those matches which I’m trading myself.

Do not offer gambling prediction/tips

Gamblers are always losers and you can’t make money by gambling on a world’s most complex sport – Cricket. You can’t even predict if there will be a goal or not in Football leave alone predicting the outcome of any market in Cricket.

Always encourage punters to trade to make profit on all outcomes irrespective of the outcomes of the result which is what trading is all about.

Do not use word 100%

It’s just a sick desi mentality to write 100% with every prediction. Be a man of reason and logic. You can’t use 100% in Cricket so avoid it at all cost. It’s misleading and it can piss off many punters.


If Cricket prediction is your hobby and passion and you want to make money from it then there is no other place than Betting Adda. Follow the steps and precautions which I’ve explained above and join Betting Adda as expert tipster.

That’s all folks. If you have any question then post it in comments below.

P.S. Please don’t ask me to do a favor for you by asking Mamu to accept you as tipster.


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  1. Ravi

    Bhai I’m interested in becoming tipster at BA. how can I contact you for more details?

  2. Ajay

    Can i use Oriental bank of commerce for skrill

  3. vijay saini

    Bhai I’m interested in becoming tipster at BA. how can I contact you for more details? my contact 76…

    • Munna Bhai

      It’s not easy to become tipster. If you are so confident about your tipping abilities then you can make money for yourself, why would you tip others?

      • Saddam Hussein

        I’m interested to be a tipper…so brother help me please

        • Munna Bhai

          Setup a website or facebook page and give tips there.

  4. Neha

    yesterday 76 was the luckiest no today which team will win and what will be the no.

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