India v Sri Lanka 4th ODI Prediction

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All my followers have been wondering where I disappeared. Guys I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve been busy making money and developing new strategies for Football and Horse Racing. I’ve been successful with my new Football betting strategy but it took hell lot of my time to get it going. I think I’m on right track as it has started churning out money with no risk at all. I’ll share my these new strategy later when I’ve perfected it.

Anyways first all good news, in fact it was jackpot week.

As I predicted India won the series with much ease. I expected better performance from Sri Lanka given the fact that they still have 3 veterans Sangakkara, Jayawardene and Dilshan in their team. It seems Lankan lions are reluctant to play Cricket. Passion is missing and they have surrendered to the circumstances. It looks like that they have just appeared to honour their boards decision to fill the void let by West Indies and please BCCI.

Shikhar Dhawan India v Sri Lanka 4th ODI

Shikhar Dhawan steered India to an easy victory in 3rd ODI at Hyderbad

Sri Lanka lacks quality bowlers and Indian batsmen and bowlers are making most of the chances given to them to secure their places in World Cup squad. India looks like at the pinnacle of their ODI success and that too without captain Dhoni. I think Dhoni’s absence might have given youngsters more freedom which they normally don’t enjoy under Dhoni’s shackles.  I wish our men could carry on this success when they travel the other side of world next year.

Coming back to the prediction for 4th ODI.

It has all become so predictable that even I feel reluctant to predict. India will win unless they are too bored to win and just for the sake of bringing some variety they want to lose. Dhoni might be back for the 4th ODI or may be he decides to continue resting as India is in superb form without him. Another risk is that Indians might be over confident and it can sink them.

Under all normal circumstances India will win.

Betting Strategy

India’s odds are not going to be more than 1.5 so your aim should be to dump money as soon as you see higher odds for India. You can do this only on Betfair. Place the unmatched bet on all higher odds of more than 2.0. To avoid any risk balance Tarazu at interval. Or if you want more adventure you can hold it till the end. Even if you lose you are still winner from previous 3 matches provided you followed my prediction.


9 Responses to “ India v Sri Lanka 4th ODI Prediction ”
  1. Vivek

    Bhai is don’t think the odds for India will increase even during the match beyond 1.50 untill and unless they on in a very precarious situation. And if the odds will increase then it will not stop to 2 can go more. Bhai i am always in that dilemma of choosing the right odds. Would love to have your insights about it , a humble request from your ardent follower.Even to trade also u need to choose your odds else it will be a vicious circle trap u gonna end upon.


    • Munna Bhai

      I saw India’s odds as high as 2.25 in 3rd ODI. Place unmatched bet on Betfair around 2.0. Place some money around 2.5 and 3.0 odds as well. No harm in placing on as high as 4.0 and 5.0. If odds hit those mark then your bet will be matched and if doesn’t hit then nothing to lose. Odds for fav will be never high or else bookies will be bankrupt. Unfortunately that’s the low profit margin we have to live with. Remember the rule – More risk more profit, less risk less profit.

  2. Ankur

    Finaly you came back bro with ur prediction but i already lost too much.

  3. Ankur

    any prediction for cape cobra vs knights

  4. Arun G

    Hello Munnabhai,

    I am reading your prediction comment from long time back its really amazing. Also i have seen so times you requested us to register in betfair. Last week when i tried i have faced lot of issues. If you provide step by step info to register in betfair it will help us lot. Its a request from my side.Pls reply your suggestion
    Especially while adding account info

    Arun lijo

    • Munna Bhai

      You should not have any issues on Betfair, it’s straight forward process. Write down here all your issues and I’ll try to help you.

  5. Ajay

    Bhai, team changes who will win

  6. chandan

    Can I open my account on betfair. If yes, then how much minimum balance. I have hdfc debit card.

  7. Aleexay

    Hey Munna Bhai.. i want prediction of 5th odi of Inda vs srilanka… can u help me out with this..

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