Cricket Betting: Help For Punters Who Have Suffered Heavy Losses

Cricket Betting Nov 7, 2015, Last Updated: Nov 7, 2015 112 Comments
Help for losers

Help for losers

On daily basis I receive many emails from punters across all the globe specifically from India and Indian subcontinent asking for help in recovering losses. Most of these smart punters have lost money on Cricket betting with local bookies.

I decided to write this guide to help all such punters and also to save my time in replying to each of them individually.

We all know what happens to these “smart” punters. Firstly they are initiated into the wonderful world of Cricket betting. I said Cricket betting because this covers 99% of all betting activities in India and Indian subcontinent. Once they are lured into the betting web there is no way out. Betting addiction is worse than drinking addiction. The thrill of becoming instant rich from betting is irresistible.

The biggest problem with these punters is their assumption that they can beat bookies. You can’t beat bookies. I’ve already explained it many times on Betting Adda on forum and in comments. The reason why you can’t beat bookies is not because they are too smart but it’s because of the way they do the business and set odds. They set odds and balance book in such a way that they will never lose.

Even if you are clever and start to outsmart bookies they will refuse to accept your bets. You will go to another bookie, he will do the same. Then you will try proxies which will also meet same result. Then you will try online bookies and end up with same result. They will limit or close your account. There is no way you can make money from gambling and trying to outsmart bookies.

Stop Gambling

My first advice to all such punters is to stop gambling immediately. Old habits die hard, gambling habits even die harder. All you need it so do something useful to keep your mind off gambling. You have to make a resolution to quit gambling. Only you can help yourself no one else can help you.

Bet for fun but in limit

If you can’t stop gambling then next best solution is to bet for fun rather than betting for becoming rich overnight. Use small stakes to bet.

A rule of thumb is that never spend more than 10% of your savings on betting activities.

How to recover losses?

You can’t recover losses, it’s gone, forget about it and move on.

Sports Trading

After reading all of my above advice if you still can’t resist betting then you can try trading.

What is sports trading?

Sports trading is like trading on stock market. When stock prices fall you buy anticipating that price will rise and then you can sell at higher price to make profit. Simple strategy here is to buy low, sell high.

In sports trading you do the same but in slightly different way. You back (lagao) at higher price and lay (kha lo) at lower price to make profit on all outcomes of an event.

The million dollar question is when to back and when to lay. If you can figure it out then making money from trading will become very easy.

A word of cautious though, sports trading is fast and it involves high stake in order to make more profit with very less risk. High rollers use anywhere from £1k to £100k of stake amount and make quick £100+ profit in seconds from swing trading.

How to trade sports?

It’s beyond the scope if this post. There are plenty of Guides available on BA you can go through them. I’ve also written plenty of tutorials on this blog which you can read.

Live Cricket Trading Tips

I provide live trading tips on Betting Adda for most of international and domestic Cricket matches. I prepare all these tips for my own trading activities and I post them on BA to help others.

You can’t always make profit from trading

You have to remember that you can’t make profit in all matches. There will be some matches where you will lose. If you are not ready to lose then you are not mature enough to trade so don’t bother trying it.

Betfair Betting Exchange

Betfair (BF) is the only online site where you can trade.
BetfairBetfair (Click here to create account and get £35 FREE Bonus)

Even though it’s possible to trade on other sites/bookies you should do it. You will get kicked out if you trade with these bookies. your only hope is BF.

Trade in Limit

Even in trading you have to limit your bank otherwise it will end up


112 Responses to “ Cricket Betting: Help For Punters Who Have Suffered Heavy Losses ”
  1. ramesh

    munna vi mera rs 5 lakhs loss ho geya hei cricket betting me. plz loss recover karwa do. mein student hun.

    • Munna Bhai

      study karo, job lo aur aram ki life jiwo. Jua bhul jawo isi me bhalai hai.

    • Ronny

      Bhai I can help you to recover your loss
      contact me on my email

      • mani patnaik

        plz help me for betting, i loss everythinggg

        • Daniel

          I will help u

          • Sanjay

            Help me

      • Aaftab

        I im so much loss

      • Preet


        • Daniel

          I can help u

          • Senapathi Damodar

            Help me I loss every thing and money total loss

          • Elayaraja

            Hi Sir,

            I have lost INR10,00,000 including my shop. Now I own nothing. the worst thing I did was, I borrowed 2.5 lakhs against my house. I need the money to get my house in hand which is now in my lenders control. Could you please help recovering the money.?

      • Aryan Roy

        You email address?

      • Rajesh

        Bhai 1.5 lakh loss bhai please recover me whats app no.

    • pankaj

      my betfair account not veryfyed

      • Betting guru

        If u want verified betfair account or bet365 contact me [censored]

    • Preet

      For online betting contact me….

      • Dipankar Dutta

        my bet 365 not verified

  2. Subba

    Which website is good for Cricket?

    • Munna Bhai

      You meant Cricket Betting? All are same if you want to lose. Try BF if you want to make money.

      • Shiva

        Bf means

        • Munna Bhai


          • Raj

            Help me

    • Vishal shaw

      I have lost lots of money in cricket. Pls help me

      • Munna Bhai

        You will lose everything, just keep gambling. Stop gambling dude! get a life.

      • Vishal shaw

        Pls help me in cricket betting. I have lost lots of money in cricket. Pls advice me what to do.

      • Shantharam shetty

        Hello vishal Bhai..aapne los hai ..uske liye aap tension math ho ..aap mere whts me contact karlo

  3. Varun Chaddha

    Excellent guide bhai. I hope these losers will come to their senses.

    • Deepak thakur

      Hello bhai my name is deepak im from hyderabad.i have lost 55 lakhs in cricket betting i have taken loans from banks and local financers.i know ur suggestion wil b too leav betting but i have no option to recover my loss pls help me this is my number

      • Munna Bhai

        That’s true you can’t recover losses from betting. Work hard, earn money and pay off your debt and forget about gambling right now. Once you are back on your feet then come back and I’ll help you in trading.

      • Subh

        Bro If u really want to recover your
        Money then mail me and I,’ll help u definitely,,,,

        • Saravanan

          Can u help me

        • mani patnaik

          i loss everything in betting, maximum 5 lkhs i loss bro, plz help meee, i am in die suitation…..

        • mani patnaik

          plzzz help me for betting

        • Satish

          Pls help I lost lot of money

        • mani patnaik

          hlp me bayya,i am hopless and loss 1O lkhs ,plz hlp me per month 15 k

      • Mohit Shrivastava

        Hi Bhai same here I lost 50 please guide me as well

  4. Vivek

    Very Good Evening Munna Bhai and a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to you.

    Just checked your site after long hiatus . I was completely off from Betfair since June after my debacle in French open in which my bank was again ripped off to a pity.Someone has rightly said that Rome was not built in a day but it was destroyed surely in one.Thats what happened with me with my losing streak that time.Since then i was just keeping watch on tournaments and watching matches and matches whenever i can and some dummy trading which can’t be compared in any ways to live enviroment.

    Tennis season has almost ended with just ATP finals to go and i am thinking of starting afresh from Januray end next year with a bank of 4-5k euros.Earlier i used to work with 1-1.2k bank.In tennis i feel at least this much of bank is required to enter a trade and exit with the swing.Need your valuable suggestions

    As always excellent article of yours

    • Munna Bhai

      same2u. I hardly keep track of festivals now in this alien land. Good luck with your Tennis adventure. Try scalping instead of gambling. I get bored watching Tennis and avoid it. Cricket is hot now a days. Just made profit on all matches today from trading. For scalping yes you have to use large stake. 5% profit on serve is all you can get safely.

  5. ajay

    Brother … i have an one problem with skrill.i am opened skrill,account and add bank debit card and verify.But i can get return 2 euros .. pls help,me what can i do now??? …

    • Suresh

      pls contect me on 911i will tell you how to use it

  6. ajay

    sorry brother i can’t get return 2 euros … to,my skrill account… to redim and and wt can ido nxt pls pls help me broooo

    • Munna Bhai

      I’ve no idea what you are talking about? Can you write it clearly, what you did and what do you want?

  7. anandraj

    I’m believe u plzz help me boss tell me winning team

  8. devil

    HI brother. i am opend skrill account and add a debit card and deposite of 213 rupees and verify with passport .But did not received 213 rupees get back in my account. what can i do next step .

  9. zishan malick

    munna bhai i want to talk with u plz give me ur mailing address plz

  10. manoj

    Munna bhai any suggestion for bpl match today ,,,, who can be winner

  11. Neeraj

    If any one needs a bookie for cricket match….can whatsapp me on
    from anywhere in india….len den just after the match ends….right from bank account to bank account
    fake people please stay away…..deposit first is needed to open ur limit.
    for further enquiry whatsapp on

    • Munna Bhai

      It’s not an appropriate place to advertise your services. If you are interested then contact mamu on and request him to list you on the website. It’s not free but you will reach to the global audience.

      • Santhosh

        Who will win today of RCB vs csk

    • Heisenberg

      Your no.?

    • Maxyline

      I m bookie myself and have own Line. If u want to bet come with me no fixing only genuinity. Try once and u will be happy as player. If u come 1st time u will get 50% offer if u winning/lose have to get/pay 50% payment without deposit. Best of luck reply me on or call on

      • Bansi

        how u know which match is fixed or not? why u think we know which match is fixed? bro if i know which match is fixed then I can be billionaire by betting online why the hell I come to u?

      • Siddharth

        Sir i want to bet with uh my contact num is

      • Vishak

        I need to recover …which I lost in ipl

        Pls help me bro

        • Munna Bhai

          You can’t recover so forget about it. Next stop gambling or you will lose your arse too. Lastly learn trading. You can take premium membership on and follow my trading tips there.

      • Kiran

        Fooling every one ????

      • Ayush

        My whtsapp no. Is 860

    • Narender (

      You are my God, I worship you.

    • Ram


    • Mahesh

      Sir give ur whatsapp number i need a bookie for cricket match

    • Ayush

      I m interested whats ur no.?

  12. Zishan jack

    Munna bhai mai bettingadda pe paymnt ni kr pa rha hu aur mamu help ni kr pa rhe, yaha hamare debit/credit card pr international paymnt allow ni h islye mai paymnt ni kr pa rha hu maine sb try kr liya skrill neteller wo sb bi international paymnt h…. What should i do, plz help me

  13. Mahfuz

    Boss please help me.I lost my everything.please recover my money

    • Munna Bhai

      Join and learn trading.

  14. Pranjal

    Please help me out..i have lost 18 lakh rupees in cricket betting..
    It was savings of my father..
    No one knows about it in my family..
    If he would come to know he will die or may b i will die..

    • Munna Bhai

      tu to geya kaam se, ab to teri pitayi ho ke rahegi. pit lo bete life me kaam aayega jab khud ka paisa kamawoge.

  15. Naveen

    Hello Munna Bhai,

    I have lost 10 lakhs in last 2 months in cricket betting. If possible is there a way to cover this loss from betting only bcz i have no money left and i have lend all this money and paying interest every month and i have only 3-4 months time to give this money back. Please help. Only last 1 lakh i have left with me from which i can do betting. Please help me to recover my loss. Need your help badly.

    • Munna Bhai

      It’s not possible so forget about it. Stop gambling, take a break and pay off your debt somehow. After paying off debt you can join and learn trading if you just can’t stop betting on cricket.

      • Kali Prasad Gouda

        Hello…….I lost lot of money in betting. And I wants to avoid ,please help me

    • Prabhakar

      I will tell everything , you can earn , if you are interested reply to my mail id

      • Krishna patil

        mai betting karke paise kamana chatu
        i think it is posble
        cn u help me

        • Munna Bhai

          jua khel ke kpi paise nehi kamata. Mahabharat karna he to khelo jua.
          Trading karne ka irada hei to join karo.

      • Hi

        Hi please send me your Contact .. i need your help badly..

      • Srinivas

        please help me how to Join.

        • Munna Bhai

          Join where?

          • Saddam Hussein

            Brother I’m interested to be your new member

      • Ram

        Give me watsup no

      • Mahesh

        Sir please tell me how to win money

  16. himat jan

    Frends. I want to help who s in loss.
    17nov bpl 2nd match rangapur 15-20p hokar harega. Next bigbash main 31dec ko adl vs sixer main 10p k neeche se match udega. Bey all

    • Munna Bhai

      Saale teri mein itni marunga ki 10 janam tak dard hoga. Bhosri ke tipster banta he madherchood. Rangpur ko harwa reha tha chut ke dhakkan!! Dubara idhar comment dala to think dunga.

  17. Sunny Shah

    I am bookie. And i am tellimg u all. No one can ever make money from gamnling. U trade u set book. U do no matter whatsoever. No one can ever make money in gambling

  18. rajiv

    munna bhai humne site per register kiya hai magr abhi humko $36 nahi aaye.wo kaise aate hain,or hum logon ko kaise reffer kar sakte hain.please explain earliest.

    • Munna Bhai

      Deposit karo to milega. Terms conditions padho pehele.

      • Mehool

        I have lost Everything . I Have No hopes . Bad thoughts are turning Up . Please don’t Do betting . THERE IS PROFIT FOR PUNTERS ONLY BOOKIES EARN. They will take Everything from You . Am a Student and Am Not Able to Bare Anything . MY life has Come to an End . Please stop betting .

  19. Dhananjaya

    Bhai,please tell me betfair commission on winnings,which one is better betfair sportbook or betfair exchange?

    • Munna Bhai

      Exchange. You can check commission on their website, it varies round 4%-5% of winning profit.

  20. Sudhakar

    Hello Sir’s
    Good afternoon
    I am Sudhakar from andrapradesh
    I loss 3lacks money in cricket

    Please help me sir
    How to recover my money
    We are very poor family
    One friend suggested. you ply Crick betting definitely u gain more money
    That suggestion creat big broblem.
    Sir plz help me….

    • Munna Bhai

      Take premium membership on and learn trading there if you want to recover. But first stop gambling.

      • Sudhakar

        That app is not download
        Plz give Ur WhatsApp number
        My number:

        • Munna Bhai

          What’s your phone model and Android version?

  21. Dhananjaya

    Bhai please helpme

  22. Ravi

    Bhai mai bahut paisa haar gaya hu.mai chahta hu ki gambling chhor du per itna haar gaya hu samjah me nahi at a ki recovery kaise karoon.

    • Munna Bhai

      chor do ni to jo bacha he woh bhi chala jayega. Chor do aur bhul jawo. Kuch kaam dhaam karo.

  23. Rajesh

    Recovery is possible or not

    • Munna Bhai

      Yes dude, it’s possible. Take premium membership on learn trading and fuck bookies. Thousands of punters are already milking bookies and now they are super rich.

  24. chandan

    Bhai thanks to all your tips on I’m managed to recover 50 Lakhs profit and now I’m in 10 Lakhs profit. In this year’s IPL I’m aiming to make 15 Lakhs profit following your tips on You are great bhai!!!

    • bharat kumar

      chandan how did you manage to recover losses? I’ve just taken bettingadda membership but not able to follow all tips. anyhelp.

      • chandan

        Keep trying you will get it, it’s not so difficult to follow. You should also read all of bhai’s blog and strategies. Also buy strategies. Think of this trading as stock trading then it will be easy to follow. If you keep thinking it like gambling then you will be falling back to old habit of losing. Gamblers always lose no matter how hard you try. This is what bhai has been teaching us. Stop Gambling Start Trading.

      • Nivas

        Contact me in what’s app

  25. Nivas

    I’m a bookie.
    If u want to earn from cricket betting only way is to start bookie business.
    Or stop playing bets.
    You will always loss if u play cricket betting.
    If any one interested in bookie business than contact us WhatsApp only.

  26. Nivas

    Munna bahai is telling the universal truth.
    Once you lost in cricket betting it will never come back to u.
    Stop playing cricket betting.
    Start another business or bookie business

  27. Nivas

    Interested persons in bookie business contact me
    Nine eight 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0.

  28. True Guys

    Hi every one follow me all loss cover realy

    • Madhusudhan Mandla

      Plz tell me how sir

  29. Raju

    Munna Bhai Best Tipper Hai. Unka Tips se mujhe kafi profit hua hai.

    Mein sab ko unka channel join kar ke ek baar free mein tips lene ko balonga :

  30. Cricket Prediction

    Glad to discover this awesome post on cricket prediction. Thanks for sharing

  31. Madhusudhan Mandla

    …..I lost more money ….I lost everything job and all .. . I can’t able to live with my family……lot of times my family members cleared my creadits …..but again I played Cricket betting to earn my lost money but I didn’t eran single rupee….no one is there to help me ……this time I strongly decided that iam not going to play betting again …..but I don’t know how to clear my creadits…..plz help me anyone ….plz

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